The Old Hall’s Ghost

The East Range was built over two floors and housed the Burgh family’s private appartments, reception rooms and rooms reserved for the most high-status guests. The long corridor which links the rooms of the East Range is unusual for a manor house of the late 1400’s and more often a feature of urban dwellings of this period. This long corridor has another story attached – a ghost story- which has led it to become more affectionately known as the “Ghost Corridor"!

The Grey Lady

Sightings of the Grey Lady walking the Ghost Corridor have been part of local legend from before the Victorian era. Dressed in grey and in Tudor style, the grey lady walks the length of the corridor and turns right before the end to disappear through a wall. In the 1960’s the lath and plaster removed from this wall revealed a Tudor doorway – at the exact spot where the grey lady walks through the wall! Local legend says the Grey Lady is thought to be the daughter of the Lord of the Manor who fell in love with a poor soldier and planned to elope with him. Her father discovered the plan, locked her away in the tower where she died from a broken heart. Supposedly the girl’s spirit still wanders the tower and the corridor endlessly waiting for her lover to arrive.

See the Ghost Corridor and our interpretation of the Grey Lady on this excerpt from our iGuide which is available free of charge to visitors of the Old Hall.

Interesting Facts

Mechanised packing

The Old Hall has links to the production of linen, cars and boxes of chocolate...

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