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Swan Upping

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There is a general misunderstanding that all the swans in the country belong to the Queen. This is not the case and today is the last day of Swan Upping. Read more

Knight on the Tiles

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On entering the Great Hall you may quite rightly be impressed by the expanse of terracotta tiles that sweep across the floor, although back in 1460, the appearance would have been quite different. Read more

Lord Burghs Retinue

What a difference a day makes

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KBS the Korean equivalent of our own BBC. Commissioned a film crew to celebrate the true history of English food using real experts in the subject rather than high profile personalities. Here is what happened on the day of filming Read more

When truth is stranger than fiction.

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Sue Allan is author of the popular New World Trilogy that began in 2005 with the publication of the best selling novel 'The Mayflower Maid'. Here she recounts her first visit to the Old Hall and how it inspired her to write her first novel. Read more

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