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    Lord Burghs Retinue

What a difference a day makes…

That's when it's Mr Ivan Day, historian, broadcaster and advisor to top television chefs as well as a professional cook and confectioner in his own right. And the day in question was a cold January Sunday and an early start. Time to light the fires…

Ivan spent the day at the Old Hall recreating a high status meal for a medieval household with the help of Lord Burgh's Retinue, a Lincolnshire based re-enactment society. The whole day was filmed by celebrated Korean film maker Kim Seung Ook and his crew for the forthcoming KBS television program entitled "A food odyssey".

KBS is the Korean equivalent of our own BBC. They commissioned Kim to celebrate the true history of English food using real experts in the subject rather than high profile personalities.

After two days of preparation in Ivan's own kitchen, the filming commenced at the crack of dawn in the Old Hall's stunning medieval kitchen. Spit roast rabbit, partridge, woodcock  and salmon skewered on hazel wands, sawce madame and hastelet of fruyte were just a few of the tempting creations. The fires roared away and the roasting range was used in the manner it was originally intended, possibly for the first time in nearly 400 years.

Later on a high table sequence and dining ritual completed the day with dressing the table, blessing of the food, hand washing and of course a taste test, all in 15th century period costume.

The sequences will be one episode in the series "A Food Odyssey" to be screened later on this year, celebrating global food culture.



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